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Are You Thinking Bold Enough ?

Not every company will be the next Tesla , Apple or ChatGPT – but any company can be bold. Looking back at the companies history, doing the usual 2-day strategy offsite and extending the yearly marketing -and sales initiatives is not enough in these times of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. How we live and work is constantly reinvented , so the usual tools may not work anymore.

The companies leading the way are developing new bold models of work, so you will have to find a way out of the old hierarchical organization , because this traditional model of leadership is not meeting the complex demands of the market and your employees.

A new approach to create value will move away from individual leadership without abandoning your traditional skills , but you have to be bold enough to move beyond the current norm and traditional functional structure.

With a mindset of possibility you have to get out of a single minded focus on profit, sales and cost. You have to align with your team on shared purpose and aspiration by being human. Sharing hopes and beliefs and fears and not only giving instructions and encourage your people to form self-regulating entrepreneurial teams. Create networks of leadership teams and integrate operational and sometimes external expertise.

Try to shift your organization from being controllers for the perfect plan to teams who can focus on experimentation and learning. Short cycles of decision , changing teams and responsibilities and openness to shorten and question traditional reporting and meetings will make your company more bold and will give more energy to your teams. Of course you should not loose yourself in all kind of visions and ideas, so you must find the right balance between delivering the core business and the search for new horizons.

The more authentic you are in this , the better the mindset for changes and complex challenges will be. If you need help in transforming your leadership or your organizations , just send me a mail to hafner@hafnercie.com

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